PT PP London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk ("Lonsum")'s Share Buyback Plan

BackOct 14, 2008
The Board of Directors of Indofood Agri Resources Ltd, (the "Company") wishes to announce that its listed subsidiary in the Indonesia Stock Exchange, PT PP London Sumatra Indonesia Tbk ("Lonsum"), had made an announcement of Share Buyback Plan on 10 October 2008 and also released the information regarding the Share Buyback Plan to the shareholders of Lonsum on 12 October 2008.

Please refer to the attached letters dated 10 October 2008 and 12 October 2008 issued by Lonsum on the Share Buyback Plan.

CIMB-GK Securities Ple. Ltd. was the financial adviser to the Company in relation to the acquisition of the entire issued share capital of Indofood Oil & Fats Ple. Ltd. It assumes no responsibility for the contents of this announcement.


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