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Information about the Group

1) What are the Group's core businesses?
IndoAgri follows a vertically integrated agribusiness model. Our principal activities span research & development, oil palm seed breeding, oil palm cultivation and milling, in addition to refining, branding and marketing of cooking oil, margarine, shortening and other palm oil derivative products. The Group also engages in the cultivation of other crops such as rubber, sugar cane, cocoa and tea.

2) What are the Group's competitive strengths?
The Group is one of the largest palm oil plantations owner in Indonesia with over 300 thousands hectares planted area. We own a large variety of mother palms, and have established R&D program for oil palm breeding, with modern technology and highly qualified personnel.

IndoAgri has strong sales and marketing expertise. Today, the Group has garnered leading market shares in the Indonesia branded cooking oil under brands Bimoli, Bimoli Spesial, Delima and Happy, while consumer margarine and shortening products are packed and sold under the brands Amanda, Palmia and Royal Palmia.

Industrial cooking oils are sold directly to the Indofood Group as well as other food manufacturers. We also supply industrial margarine and shortening to confectioneries, bakeries and food manufacturers under the brands Amanda, Delima, Malinda, Palmia and Simas.

We are supported by local and national channels in both traditional and modern trades across Indonesia.

3) What are the Group's growth strategies?

Plantation Division
As a cost-effective producer, our focus in 2021 is to prioritise our capital investment in growth areas, improve cost control, and pursue innovations that can raise plantation productivity. We will continue with ongoing efforts to digitalise work processes, streamline manpower requirements, and simplify standard operating procedures for greater cost efficiency.

Our planned activities include replanting on older oil palm plots in Riau and North Sumatra, increasing FFB yields through active crop management, and maximizing productivity through increased mechanisation. Anticipating higher FFB production from the newly developed areas, we are expanding production capacity in East Kalimantan with the construction of a 45-tonnes-per-hour FFB mill which will be ready in 2021. We will also improve the yield of our sugar cane plantations in South Sumatra by planting higheryielding seed cane varieties and improving fertilisers and agronomy management.

Edible Oils & Fats Division

With the growing demand for consumer EOF products, we will increase production capacity to capture opportunities and strengthen market share. We are continuing with the competitive pricing strategy to entrench Bimoli's market leadership and strengthen Delima as our second brand and Amanda brand to support the government's Domestic Mandatory Obligation (DMO) program.

We will drive volume growth through a higher frequency of marketing campaigns, direct sales in modern trade and trade promotions in general trade. The product packaging for Bimoli will be refreshed with a new bottle design.

The current distribution system will be complemented by various e-commerce platforms to increase market reach and penetration. We will develop new products at competitive price points, improve customer service, enhance product labelling and packaging, and increase efficiency through process automation. The global supply chain and distribution networks will be enhanced to extend our market reach domestically and internationally.

4) When is the end of the Group's fiscal year?
1 January – 31 December

5) What is the total employee headcount for the Group?
We have 39,450 employees as at December 2020

6) Which countries does the Group have operations in?
Our plantations and refining facilities are located in Indonesia. The majority of our sales are within Indonesia however we are expanding our export sales to certain markets.

7) How am I able to find financial information and reports of the Group past and present?
Please visit our website at or the SGX website at

8) Can you disclose the members of the Board of Directors?

Name Position
Lee Kwong Foo Edward Chairman and Lead Independent Director
Lim Hock San Vice Chairman and Independent Director
Mark Wakeford CEO and Executive Director
Moleonoto Tjang Executive Director and Head of Finance and Corporate Services
Suaimi Suriady Executive Director and Head of Refinery and Commodity Division
Tjhie Tje Fie Non-executive Director
Axton Salim Non-executive Director
Goh Kian Chee Independent Director
Hendra Susanto Independent Director


Company Share and Dividends Information

1) Which year was the Company listed and on which stock exchange?
IndoAgri commenced trading on14 February 2007 on SGX Sesdaq.

2) What is the par value of each share and the present amount of outstanding shares?
Pursuant to the Companies (Amendment) Act 2005 effective from 30 January 2006, the concept of authorised share capital and par value has been abolished.
The total number of issued shares is 1,447,782,830.

3) Can you list all the present substantial shareholders of the Company?
Our major shareholder is Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk with majority shareholding. Indofood is an Indonesian Company and is the world's largest instant noodle manufacturer, as well as Indonesia's largets processed food company. Visit Indofood at their website

A more detailed list can be found in our annual report.

4) Is there a formalized dividend policy?
No fixed dividend

Investor Relations Information

1) When will the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) be?
It is expected to be held in April 2022

2) Where can I obtain a copy of the annual report?
Please visit our website at or the SGX website at

3) Who is the company's point of contact for investor relations?
Ms Mak Mei Yook
Email :


Investor Relations